Best OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G​ 2021

OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G​ 2021 Review

With the Oppo F19 Pro phone priced at Rs 25,990, the F19 Pro+ 5G can be seen as a direct competitor to OnePlus Nord. But it also has competition from low-cost smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi 10i, Realme X7 5G and Moto G 5G. The biggest feature of Oppo F19 Pro + 5G is its low weight. The phone has very fast charging and AI camera features. Are these enough to make this phone a compelling product?

Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G design

The Oppo company has really captured the slim form factor and weight of the F19 Pro+ 5G as well. Weighing only 173 grams and 7.8 mm thick, it’s hard to believe that this phone actually has a battery and other components as well.

The layout of the ports and buttons feels ergonomic. And Oppo has also managed to fit a headphone jack on the phone. The triple-slot tray lets you use two nano-SIMs and a microSD card. The display has a large 6.4-inch AMOLED panel with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for scratch protection. The display looks quite sharp. The in-display fingerprint sensor is quite reliable. The sad part is that it only supports 60Hz refresh rate which can prove to be a very good phone at this price point.

In the mobile box, you will find common items like case, handset, charger, usb cable. The charger actually supports Oppo’s 65Watt SuperVOOC standard. The phone charges up to 50watt. The 65Watt charger cannot be used to fast charge smartphones that do not support laptops or devices such as SuperVOOC charging.

Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G specifications and software

Oppo company MediaTek has gone with the very popular budget 5G SoC from Dimensity 800U. According to Oppo’s official website, the F19 Pro+ 5G supports 4G, 5G bands, but is still much better than some other expensive Android phones. There is only one configuration available in India, with 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM. The Oppo F19 supports Bluetooth 5.1, dual-band Wi-Fi ac and FM radio along with the usual sensor and satellite navigation system.

This phone runs on ColorOS 11.1 based on Android 11. My unit also recently received a software update that is claimed by the company to improve system performance and stability, along with the addition of the April Android security patch. ColorOS is incredibly feature-rich, but the phone also comes with a lot of bloatware, which has always done a great job of making sure I don’t get unwanted notifications. Browsers and theme stores are notorious for this. You can limit these alerts by modifying the settings but these applications cannot be uninstalled.

Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G performance and battery life

The performance of this smartphone during the review period was predictably good. This Dimensity SoC is something that we have seen in several phones before and its performance is pretty decent for the price. Multitasking was generally quite fast but the phone lacked the fluidity and smoothness you would want to experience with a display with a higher refresh rate. I think OPPO should have worked on the fluidity and smoothness as well.

Didn’t face any problem regarding heating. The smartphone ran quite well for the most part, and only got a little warm while gaming. Talking about, the games run very well in this phone. Visuals looked terrific thanks to the OLED display’s bright and punchy colors. The bottom speaker turned out to be good enough for a pleasant experience. There are a lot of shortcuts that can be used while playing through the Game Space app.

Battery life was more than satisfactory. The phone packs a 4,310mAh battery, and it lasted around 19 hours 42 minutes in our HD video loop test, which is surprisingly good for such a capacity. With regular camera, gaming and social app usage, I was easily getting an average of about a day and a half on a single charge. The phone’s battery charges very quickly, from zero to 100 percent in less than 50 minutes.

Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G cameras

The cameras of this phone’s predecessor Oppo F17 Pro ₹ 21,999 were a bit hefty, so it doesn’t seem to have received any major upgrades. We have a main 8-megapixel, 48-megapixel camera for macros and two token 2-megapixel cameras for macros and an ultra-wide camera and a black-and-white filter. For taking selfies, there is a 16-megapixel camera in the hole-punch cutout of the display.

Video is one of the biggest selling points of the Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G, let’s cover that first. The ‘AI Highlight Video’ toggle button has been given in the viewfinder of this phone. In addition, the camera app will automatically simulate HDR in video or increase exposure when shooting at night, as indicated by a change in the AI ​​icon. Both these features work but the quality of the resulting video is mediocre even when shooting in daylight.

Coming to standard video, the phone can record up to 4K 30fps, but without stabilization. Video shot during the day is quite good, but gets grainy and very bad when shot at night. All other video modes also include dual-view for recording a combined stream from the rear and selfie cameras. Subject tracking is also available on this phone, which works well provided your subject doesn’t move out of frame while shooting.

A daytime landscape photo lacks much of clarity and detail if the camera has to apply HDR aggressively, such as when shooting in a sunny day. The ultra-wide camera captures noticeably weaker details than the main one, but it’s quite useful if you want to get more of any scene in one shot. The macro camera of this phone is not great. Things are a bit better with the phone’s Night Mode, but not to the extent expected in this price range.

Selfies appear unnaturally processed with default settings. There is a slight improvement in the complexion and texture of the skin after selecting the ‘Natural’ option in the beauty filter. HDR is handled very poorly. And if you use portrait mode for a selfie in a backlit frame, the background is blown out. Noise is handled well when taking selfies in good light, but skin tone doesn’t always look perfect. The camera performance of the Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G is very poor and it is not something that I expected from a phone that is priced around Rs 26,000.

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